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Which coating is the best? Wax? Ceramic? Quartz? PPF? Find out what the VIP detailers did to their own cars…

Which coating is the best? Wax? Ceramic? Quartz? PPF? Find out what the VIP detailers did to their own cars…

Which coating is the best – carnauba wax, regular ceramic, the perfect quartz or holy PPF?

This is actually never ending discussion among the detailers, but let’s be honest. Let us put the money away for a sake of proper discussion and try to find out what kind of coats are actually using the two owners of Time2Shine Detailers.

You will be surprised!


Nishanth Mukherjee, CEO, born in Bangalore

Audi Q7 – Shine Boosting Quartz Coating

Mercedes B180 – House of Wax Sapphire Carnauba Wax

BMW 320i – no coating at all, only detailing wash


Tom Zembrzycki, CTO, born in Poland

Mercedes C63 AMG – House of Wax, Diamond Carnauba Wax

Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Hybrid – Paint Protection Film + House of Wax, Carnauba Diamond Wax

VW Golf R32 Turbo – Self-Healing Paint Protection Film + ADBL Synthetic Spray Wax



Houston, ha’ve got the problem! Not all our cars are quartz coated! 3 out of 6 are carnauba waxed, 2 of 6 are PPFed, only 1 got the quartz coating. Strange? There are reasons behind that.

Reason # 1: gloss & shine

Provided you maintain your car properly, do not let the bucket scratching washers to touch it, the carnauba wax is actually offering much, much glossier look to your car. More gloss than 99,99% of regular ceramic and 90% of quartz ceramic.

So in the category of gloss and “wet look” colour deepening the winner is carnauba wax.

And it works in India over 8 months now:


Reason # 2: protection

Again, the winner is not ceramic nor quartz coating. Obviously the winner in protection game, the Mount Everest of protection detailing is the Paint Protection Film. It offers all, what in area of chemical protection quartz coating has to offer with a huge plus: mechanical protection.

PPF is:

  • 200x thicker than ceramic coating
  • 40x thicker than quartz coating
  • has self-healing abilities 50x stronger than self-healing quartz coating
  • is crystal clear, has high quality glue able to withstand the Indian weather, provided it is NOT made in China


Reason # 3: scratch resistance of ceramic or quartz coatings is a big hoax

Most of you guys have heard that – in some magical way – regular ceramic is scratch resistant. Probably some of you have even seen videos from our great friendly China, showing scratches disappearing from ceramic. Well, we think you will be not surprised to find out it is regular cheat, marketing gimmick, fraud and hoax.

Basically you may know the hardness scale of Pencil Hardness but strong suggestions of manufacturers go into actually Mohs scale. Mohs scale is not PH scale! Mohs scale of hardness is a very simple scale!

Seems like WOW, hardness of my ceramic is equal 9, so it is as hard as corundum! Some ceramic manufacturers are even godlike creatures, forcing diamonds into fluid (hardness 10!) and magically letting it grow back on your car. But we think there is a Noble price waiting for the guy being able to dissolve carbon (material of diamond) into fluid and recrystalize it on your car back into diamond. 1 000 000 USD is waiting for them, really!

So what is real scale of hardness? In the Mohs scale ceramic would be around 5, quartz going into 6. Not even 7, due to the very small sice of quartz crystals.

The reality is PH stands for Pencil Hardness which is Wolff-Wilborn Scale. Yes. Old, school pencil you may have used back in your school time. No, we are not kidding. PH 10 is NOT hardness of diamond. It actually is hardness of… hard pencil.

Let’s compare both scales:

Now you see the gimmick? Both scales are having digit and letter H. But actually… well… 10H ceramic from China is not of diamond hardness.

So, answering your question – no, both ceramic and quartz coatings are NOT scratch resistant.

Still hard to believe? OK. Let us answer with a question.

Can you scratch the diamond?

Yes, of course! With another diamond!

Can you scratch quartz/ceramic coating?

Yes, of course. With quartz in sand particles, basically dirt you try to remove from your car…


We hope now some of you will look at promises given by the amateur detailers with your eyes wide opened.


Stay tuned for more!

Nishanth & Tom from Time2Shine


P.S. Oh yeah, we would have forgotten. Nishanth’s Audi Q7 has quartz coating for two reasons. First is our tests of durability. Second is that Nishanth wants to sell the Q7. Any buyer here? 😉

P.S. 2. Yes, we haven’t even touched the polymer coatings, although there are good reasons to talk about that (ADBL Synthetic Spray Wax is the best polymere coating in Germany in 2019)

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