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Toyota Innova Crysta (2020) – brand new car protected by Time2Shine Quartz Ceramic

Toyota Innova Crysta (2020) – brand new car protected by Time2Shine Quartz Ceramic

Brand new Toyota Innova Crysta got detailed with Quartz Ceramic

Who would have spent 24 hours on detailing a brand new car? Surely Time2Shine, as we are not in great favour of cleanliness and things which happen to brand new cars at dealerships prior delivery. After having it properly cleaned and glossy we are protecting brand new paint with Quartz Ceramic.


Package was together 24 hours of work:

  • 4 hours of ADBL Decontamination Wash including engine bay, wheel bay and wheels detailing
  • 2 hours of Interior Detailing
  • 10 hours of ADBL Polishing by European Certified Polishers
  • 4 hours of Shine Boosting Quartz Ceramic Coating followed by 12 hours Quartz Crystal Growth in controlled climat (temperature, dust & humidity controlled room)
  • 4 hours of Final Inspection as it is required by our Standard Operational Procedure to release only flawless cars to our Customers


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