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Ozone Antiseptic Treatment – can it kill coronavirus?

Ozone Antiseptic Treatment – can it kill coronavirus?

Can ozone kill coronavirus?

As per medical sources it will (read more here: https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/ozone-can-be-used-to-destroy-the-new-coronavirus-and-disinfect-areas) kill coronavirus as well as:

  • bacterias & germs
  • moulds and any myco-infection
  • lots of other viruses

On top of it ozonization will remove bad smell (mostly coming from bacterial or mould sources) inside your car, room, appartment or house.

How much does it cost?

Here we have great news for owners of cars previously detailed at Time2Shine.

Ozone Antiseptic Treatment is completely free for all cars detailed in Mumbai by us!

The costs of cars not detailed previously, appartments and houses as well as availability of the service for your area of Mumbai.

Call our team to check slot availability, service requirements and duration as well as pricing for your cars, appartments and houses.

+91 81049 91154 (Mr. Chaitanya, Sales Manager)
+91 96190 55787 (Mr. Milind, Sales Manager)

Do you live with elder people? This service is superb protection!

The new virus puts our beloved parents and grandparents into a great danger. As we already know the new coronavirus puts big requirements toward hygiene and antiseptics for the environment of elder people.

Ozonization will clean literally 99,9% of the viruses, bacterias, germs and moulds in one go from your appartment, air condition vents and the places unreachable by hand. On top of it ozonization leaves air inside very fresh!



  1. During the ozonization make sure no infants (0-6 months) nor pregnant women stay in the room being sanitized.
  2. Ozonization takes time for generating ozone (from 10 to 60 minutes depending on size) as well as for killing unwanted content (another 1 to 4 hours).
  3. During ozonization all AC should be on mixing the air. It will clean AC vents, too!
  4. Service availability is limited to Mumbai and is subject to prior booking of your slot.


Booking and price enquiries

Please call first available number

+91 91433 91433 (Mr. Nishanth, CEO)
+91 81049 91154 (Mr. Chaitanya, Sales Manager)
+91 96190 55787 (Mr. Milind, Sales Manager)


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