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Office Sanitization – a caring company secures its employees

Office Sanitization – a caring company secures its employees

Office Sanitization – sterilize to protect you and your employees against viruses, germs, molds and air condition-related infections

Time2Shine Sanitization for offices and public buildings is basing on procedures of medical level sanitization which are used in Europe to clean ambulances and hospitals after heavy infectious diseases like bacteria- or virus infections.

Time2Shine Ozoning Sanitization

The procedures we follow are removing 99,99% of:

  • viruses, including SARS and COVID-19
  • bacterias, microbes and germs
  • molds, mycelium, fungal spores including those infestating air condition machinery and ducts
  • old detergents or other chemicals will be neutralized
  • 99% of chemical allergents will be neutralized
  • removes bad odour and “not fresh” feeling of the air

Only short time of ozone exposure (10-30 minutes) is required for sanitization purpose.

What procedure do we follow?

It is a proactive service for surface and spatial disinfection. Our expert disinfection services are managed in a safe, compliant and effective manner. Our advanced microbial disinfection service helps in eliminating harmful bacterial and viruses including coronaviruses. We believe that health and safety of our customers & our hygiene experts is of utmost importance and highest priority. We have taken necessary precautions and proactive steps to tackle the concerns around the spread of Corona virus.

Service Our 3 step advance disinfectant treatment includes:

Advanced air surface treatment – To ensure our disinfectant reaches all the corners of your office. ( ozonisation)

Floor disinfection treatment – To sanitize and disinfect the floors.

Disinfectant wiping – To eliminate germs and viruses from critical touch points such as electrical switches, door knobs and handles, window frames and handles , chair hand rests.


Is the ozoning safe?

It is also perfectly safe, as the ozone decomposes rapidly and after 20-40 minutes most of the ozone is being decomposed to regular oxygene. While sterilization takes place we require all employees to leave and sanitized area.

For the surfaces like door handles, light switches where many hands are touching relatively small surface leaving all germs and viruses, we additionally clean it with IPA (isopropylic alcohol) to make sure the fat & grease is removed with all its contaminants.

Do you want to know more?

Would you like to deepen your knowlegde on ozonation as save and effective process of sanitization please read more here:

  1. https://www3.epa.gov/npdes/pubs/ozon.pdf
  2. https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/ozone-can-be-used-to-destroy-the-new-coronavirus-and-disinfect-areas
  3. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0196655304001415

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