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Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d – the real Quartz Coating does miracles with the blue metallic paint

Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d – the real Quartz Coating does miracles with the blue metallic paint

The wonderful blue metallic Mercedes-Benz GLC with very economic 220 diesel engine is a beauty on the road. Provided it is not scratched and covered with swirls.

We were happy the wise owner turned to Time2Shine for a package of professional restoration and package followed by training for his drivers on how to maintain the car after quartz coating it to keep the shine for next 2 years of warranty for Shine Boosting Quartz Ceramic package.

Quartz vs Ceramic Coating

  1. The level of protection: quartz ceramic has extended chemical protection against paint abuse like bird drops or industrial acids and alkalines.
  2. Quartz, unlike ceramic, is REALLY protecting from colour fading done by ultraviolet light.
  3. A single layer of Quartz is 5x thicker than 10 layers of ceramic.
  4. Quartz has higher toughness than 95% of ceramics.
  5. The level of boost of shine and gloss exceeds all ceramic coatings.

To prepare the paint for quartz one has to have a team of excellent polishers!

Why Time2Shine is the best polishing company in India?

Our European certified polishers using the ADBL Polishing Systems technology  have managed to restore the crystal clear shine of the Ford, at the same time removing less than 5% of the paint’s  clearcoat. Unique and demanding skills and tech know-how to protect your possession.

Why polishing process (part of paint restoration) is so unique at Time2Shine?

  • 2-Step polishing using best in class compounds and polishing pads
  • Using Double-Action polishing machines of ADBL to minimize amount of paint removed
  • Controlled temperature of polishing to avoid heat damages to the paint
  • European certified polishers are allowed to work on paint;
  • part of the certification process is to follow the Standard Operational Procedures for Polishing at Time2Shine
  • Full security for all accessories on car, so all your plastic and rubber is secured from damages with professional masking tape
  • Pre-Coating Inspection SOP to ensure we are not coating ANY scratches
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection SOP to ensure the quality of coating meets standards of Time2Shine


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