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KIA Seltos in stunning Gravity Gray is coated with pure glass – quartz ceramic coating

KIA Seltos in stunning Gravity Gray is coated with pure glass – quartz ceramic coating

KIA Seltos in beautiful, deep and playing superbly under the sun Gravity Gray is now well protected by the best in class quartz coating, exceeding regular ceramic by far in both protection and look.

The content of package we have offered:

  • Self-Healing Intelligent Ceramic – genuine quartz ceramic up to 5x thicker than any other ceramic in India with self healing abilities for small swirlmarks
  • Paint Protection Film package for door handles
  • 9-Stage ADBL Decontamination Wash
  • Engine bay detailing
  • Wheel bay detailing
  • 4 hours of polishing for 3 certified polishers (12 man-hours in total)
  • Paint restoration using the ADBL Polishing Systems
  • Plastic accessories sealing
  • Tail lights polishing & sealing

Do we really have to polish the brand new car?

Yes! Apparently the dealers are buffing and scratching cars during delivery. From our perspective we know there are uncertified and untrained people trying to buff-shine cars before delivery. Well, that is why we have to correct what they had destroyed…

Why polishing process (part of paint restoration) is so unique at Time2Shine?

  • 2-Step polishing using best in class compounds and polishing pads
  • Using Double-Action polishing machines of ADBL to minimize amount of paint removed
  • Controlled temperature of polishing to avoid heat damages to the paint
  • European certified polishers are allowed to work on paint;
  • part of the certification process is to follow the Standard Operational Procedures for Polishing at Time2Shine
  • Full security for all accessories on car, so all your plastic and rubber is secured from damages with professional masking tape
  • Pre-Coating Inspection SOP to ensure we are not coating ANY scratches
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection SOP to ensure the quality of coating meets standards of Time2Shine


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