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KIA Seltos (2019) 1.4T 7DCT got a solid protection with QUARTZ ceramic on its paint and wheels

KIA Seltos (2019) 1.4T 7DCT got a solid protection with QUARTZ ceramic on its paint and wheels

We are extremely lucky to protect white KIA Seltos with our top of the line quartz ceramic. This white beast got the 5x thicker than regular ceramic and 10x longer lasting layer of quartz glass all over painted areas and alloy wheels.

Plus – as the owner is a great guy – we have added some complimentary PPF film in some vulnerable places to add scratchproof protection.

Quartz ceramic is protecting the paint from:

  • UV light colour fading (only quartz ceramic can do that)
  • Cement
  • Bird drops
  • Bug splashes
  • Tree resin, colour fruits on the paint
  • Water & dirt (hydrophobic ability)
  • Dishwasher detergents (pH even 12)

The content of package we have done:

  • Self-Healing Intelligent Ceramic – genuine quartz ceramic up to 5x thicker than any other ceramic in India with self healing abilities for small swirlmarks
  • Wheel Ceramic to protect the paint on rims from hot brake dust damages and keep them shiny all the time
  • Paint Protection Film package for door handles.
  • 9-Stage ADBL Decontamination Wash
  • Interior VIP detailing
  • Engine bay detailing
  • Wheel bay detailing
  • 10 hours of polishing for 3 certified polishers (30 man-hours in total) with 2 stage polishing to restore the paint.
  • Paint restoration using the ADBL Polishing Systems
  • Plastic accessories sealing
  • Tail lights polishing & sealing

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KIA Seltos (2019) is shiny and well protected with best in class quartz ceramic coating on paint and wheels

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Enjoy the pics:


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