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How strong is Quartz Ceramic? Much stronger than you think!

How strong is Quartz Ceramic? Much stronger than you think!

Quartz Ceramic is superior protection compared to regular ceramic

This is situation from today, 19th of February 2020 in Mumbai. The BMW was previously protected at Time2Shine with the best ceramic available in India. The ceramic is made of 100% Quartz, crystalized into a layer of glass, even 5x thicker than any other ceramic.

Let’s see how badly the paint was damaged:

We can see the paint from the other car got transfered on the BMW’s paint. Well, we see it was a black car actually 🙂

Now we attempt to clean it:

After removing dust we are trying to remove black paint sticking to the BMW.

Results are stunning:

As you can see the Quart Ceramic has actually protected the BMW’s paint completely. No repaint required, no recoating of Quartz Ceramic required. Ready to continue on its glossy driving.

This is the protection power of the best in India Quartz Ceramic. Only at Time2Shine!

Would you like to protect your car with the same coating?

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