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High Hygiene Society Services – is your Society entitled for the life saving hygiene?

High Hygiene Society Services – is your Society entitled for the life saving hygiene?

Time2Shine offers High Hygiene services in selected societies of Mumbai

Selected societies and neighbourhood are accepted to receive our brand new product called High Hygiene Car Care.


Scope of basic High Hygiene Society Car Maintenance Packages

high hygiene society mumbai

Also other services are available. Please consult the scope of services in your society while booking.


Antiseptic Clean = Healthy Protection Against Viruses!

For those interested in learning more about Ozone Antiseptic Treatment, the ozone (tri-atom form of oxygene) is well known and European Union Approved procedure for decontamination of ambulances and hospitals with very well proven track of scientific research for its wonderful impact on decontamination of biological waste.

  • It removes more than 99% of bacteria, mites, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts and it destroys viruses
  • It repels infesting insects such as flies, cockroaches, ants and bedbugs
  • It allows for a disinfection at medical high levels (MHL)
  • It enables quick and easy way of cleaning without necessity to disassemble the interior of the car
  • It reaches all surfaces, nooks and crannies, also those not accessible by hand like Air Condition ducts
  • It removes the bad odors of blood, urine, feces, saliva, vomit and even cigarettes
  • It destroys the volatile residues of chemical detergents in case of any allergy to detergent left-overs
  • It is save for people, animals
  • It is 100% ecological and produces zero waste
  • It is prescribed by doctors specifically to people with allergic irritations of skin and lumbs or with lowered immunity

Nowadays Europe does use a lot of ozone to clean medical installations, homes, cars, public areas, ventilation systems, public transportation, schools and kindergartens.

Download PDF files to share it easily within your society here:

Home Detailing – Antiseptic Clean

Car Services – Ozone Antiseptic Treatment (PDF)


Do you want to join your society into Time2Shine High Hygiene Society: call +91 91433 91433

Are you staying in approved Time2Shine High Hygiene Society? To book call or WhatsApp

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