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Black Jeep Compass after detailing and quartz ceramic coating in Chandigarh

Black Jeep Compass after detailing and quartz ceramic coating in Chandigarh

Quartz Ceramic Coating and EU-Quality Detailing on Jeep Compass, directly in Time2Shine Chandigarh

Driving in India leaves lots of age marks: scratches, swirls, paint oxidation. Also the acid rains and pollution does damage the car. Our detailers have managed to restore 90% of the fresh and brand new look, which is now securely protected by genuine, high-end class Quartz Coating.

The process of restoration and protection our detailing doctors have prescribed for Jeep patient:

  • full detailing wash with ADBL genuine car cosmetics (chemical and manual removing of dirt/oil/tar/iron/waterstone)
  • our exclusive ADBL Polishing procedure, ensuring less than 5 microns (out of 120 available) is removed during the polishing
  • interior detailing
  • wheels detailing
  • wheel bays (brakes, suspension) detailing
  • engine bay detailing and sealing
  • black plastic restoration
  • front and tail lights restoration

All of this was topped up by Quartz Coating, a supreme coating creating a layer of glass on the paint with tremendous chemical resistance and UV-light protection.


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