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Audi Q5 with protection 200x stronger than any ceramic

Audi Q5 with protection 200x stronger than any ceramic

Paint Protection Film on Audi Q5 is 200x stronger than any ceramic

Paint Protection Film Armour you can see on this Toyota Innova Crysta is package covering 360 degrees of the car and the roof with 200 microns (thicker than original paint) strong, polyurethane film with self-healing abilities and military grade protection given by the PU PPF. Time2Shine offers wide variety of European and American manufacturers of PPF, thus being able to fit the best into your expectations and budget.

Did you know?

PPF was initially invented for military purposes. The first purpose was to protect the rotor blades of helicopters from stone and birds hitting it during take off or landing.

Abilities of PPF:

  • 200 x thicker than any regular ceramic and 50 x thicker than quartz coating
  • Self-Healing Polyurethane Polymer, activated in different temperatures depending on choice of PPF manufacturer
  • Scratch resistance up to 40 microns (regular wash swirls may be easily self healed)
  • Resistant to various chemical abuses like acid rains, dishwasher detergents, bird drops, bug splashes, industry powder etc
  • Protecting the paint from most of onroad abuse like rickshaw or bike scratches as well as acts of vandalism. This basically means the PPF will take the beating and not your paint!

Very popular in Europe for supercars worth crores, the trend enters India also for regular and brand new cars as excellent and superior alternative to any ceramic or quartz coatings.


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