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We are proud of our highest quality VIP services and our technology turning your car, jet or yacht far beyond the factory look. Extremely careful cleaning followed by world's best shiny coatings leave anybody at least delighted, if not speechless. VIP services for car enthusiasts. It's time to shine!

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Who are we?

We ourselves are car enthusiasts understanding what it means to owe and drive beautiful cars. That's why we do care for any car entrusted our hands as it would be our own and put our hearts into returning your car looking so good, to be sure we exceed your expectations and set new standards of detailing. Our technology comes from Europe and USA and our technicians are highly skilled and frequently trained professionals.

Our technology

We are using state-of-the-art machines and cosmetics way more advanced than most of women use to achieve our target: your smile and attract all the glances while you drive your car, aboard your jet or set sails on your yacht.

Quartz Coating Shine Boosting Ceramic

The entry level Quartz Coating exceeding regular ceramic coating by far when it comes to protection as well as level of shine and gloss. After we are done, your car will outshine most of the cars in your vicinity. Not all, as some cars of your neighbours are already shining thank you our quartz coating.

Quartz Ceramic Self-Healing Intelligent Ceramic

Advanced Quartz Coating beating regular ceramic by its thickness (5x thicker) and durability (10x more durability) with a top technology of self-healing swirls on your coated paint. A composite glass of two glasses, one to ensure protection, the top layer is waiting there to heal swirls. In the world of quartz coatings there is nothing better than that. Guaranteed!

Paint Revitalization

High-end polishing technology from ADBL Roller, always new and clean pads and a loving hand of our technician - that is required to control with nanometric precision how do we polish your paint to restore and go beyond the factory look. We train and certify our technicians to restore the shine of top car makers of the world.

9-Stage ADBL Decontamination Wash

We make your paint cleaner than surgery room in the best hospitals. Removing of oil film, tar, iron from brake pads, oxidation from chemical abuse both by advanced chemical procedure as well as manual claying of each and every inch of your car.

Interior Detailing & Washing

Vacuum cleaning of 100% of you interior or wet washing the interior has only one purpose - investing our experience we make your car as clean, as it was when it left the assembling factory. We do also polish your wood or piano appliances inside.

The Most Advanced Carnauba Waxes

Only the best, hard waxes from top European company producing waxes on traditional way. Leaving the Rolls-Royce effect on each and every car! Or nano-technology, hydrophobic and paint hardening coating which lasts for a couple of months using NASA paint protection technology? You decide!

Paint Protection Films from Europe and USA

The top of the top, Mount Everest of paint protection, upto 250x thicker than any regular ceramic, military grade protection able to protect the paint below against vandalism or even small road accidents. A must have for brand new cars.

Painting in Heated Booth

Flawless paint in super-clean filtered air paint booth with heating technology to ensure paint is super clean and better then out of factory. Only original, genuine paints, highest colour-matching standards and German Standard Operating Procedures engure the quality you would expect in Europe.

Pick up & Drop Facility for AMS Customers

Annual Maintenance Servicing ensures your car is fully detailed once a month at super low costs. Imagine receiving your car looking same as on the first day. For your convienence we have pick up & drop facility with our certified drivers.

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I decided to give them a try, as their showroom is simply amazing. The T2S guys have shown to me a car, which was my brand and colour, but it never looked so good. It makes sense to give them a new car, they will improve it.

Mithra Zachariah / Mumbai

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You can use the same high quality cosmetics and accessories as Time2Shine
uses in their detailing studios across India.

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Depending on what we do, we pick only the best machines and cosmetics up. We have no "cost reducing" policy whenever we decide what will touch your property, only quality and technology matters. We are exclusively representing ADBL.eu, European brand of professional car, jet and yacht cosmetics for the territory of India.

Time2Shine Detailers Pvt Ltd Head Office India: Plot no. N5A, Cama Mun. Ind. Estate, Walbhat Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400063
+91 91433 91433

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