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7 years of scratches removed and protected with quartz ceramic from BMW 320d

7 years of scratches removed and protected with quartz ceramic from BMW 320d

Professional detailing and quartz ceramic coating

16 man-hours of washing by 4 detailers including taking off the wheels and cleaning wheels and wheel bays thoroughly using genuine European products and following strict Standard Operations Procedure, another 30 man-hours of paint restoration using the ADBL Polishing Systems, another 12 man-hours of interior cleaning and 6 man-hours of coating and final Pre-Delivery Inspection Procedure. The quality has its price and it is time we spend on making the 7 years old car like 3 months new one.

Total 64 man-hours, which is 8 days of work for a single professional detailer and approximately 12 days of work for amateur detailer.

Quality? Time2Shine!

Our entry level Quartz Coating exceeds 99% of other available coatings in India by far!

Quartz vs Ceramic Coating

  1. The level of protection: quartz ceramic has extended chemical protection against paint abuse like bird drops or industrial acids and alkalines.
  2. Quartz, unlike ceramic, is REALLY protecting from colour fading done by ultraviolet light.
  3. A single layer of Quartz is 5x thicker than 10 layers of ceramic.
  4. Quartz has higher toughness than 95% of ceramics.
  5. The level of boost of shine and gloss exceeds all ceramic coatings.

Restoration Results

Walkaround video:

Enjoy the pictures:

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