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We are proud of our highest quality VIP services and our technology turning your car, jet or yacht far beyond the factory look. Extremely careful cleaning followed by world's best shiny coatings leave anybody at least delighted, if not speechless. VIP services for car enthusiasts. It's time to shine!

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Who are we?

We ourselves are car enthusiasts understanding what it means to owe and drive beautiful cars. That's why we do care for any car entrusted our hands as it would be our own and put our hearts into returning your car looking so good, to be sure we exceed your expectations and set new standards of detailing. Our technology comes from Europe and USA and our technicians are highly skilled and frequently trained professionals.

Our technology

We are using state-of-the-art machines and cosmetics way more advanced than most of women use to achieve our target: your smile and attract all the glances while you drive your car, aboard your jet or set sails on your yacht.

Active Foam Cleaning

First stage of paint decontamination, using Active Foam with Vampyre Effect from ADBL, an European star of car cosmetics, we remove first layer of dirt.

Quartz Ceramic Packages

At Time2Shine we use exclusively Quartz Ceramic of high-end quality, which is superior to regular ceramic by many means.

Paint Revitalization

High-end polishing technology from Rupes, always new and clean pads and a loving hand of our technician - that is required to control with nanometric precision how do we polish your paint to restore and go beyond the factory look. We train our technicians to restore the shine of top car makers of the world (yes, they're different and yes, we know it!).

High Care Wet Wash

Second stage of paint cleaning. The VIP class cleaning ADBL shampoo, high density professional sponges to protect your paint from any scratches and careful, thorough yet delicate professional technician.

Interior Cleaning & Washing

Vacuum cleaning of 100% of you interior or wet washing the interior has only one purpose - investing our experience we make your car as clean, as it was when it left the assembling factory.

Wax or Coat Paint Massage

Only the best, hard waxes from top Swiss company leaving the Rolls-Royce effect? Or nano-technology, hydrophobic and paint hardening coating which lasts for a couple of months using NASA paint protection technology? You decide!

Manual Paint Decontamination

Last phase of wet cleaning, our technician using tarmac and oil absorbing clay cleans your paint inch-by-inch, leaving the paint as clean as it was in factory. After claying, we (again!) wash the car for the third time.

Leather Restoration

Cleaning, partially restoring small damages to the leather and securing it, so it absorbs less dirt in the future? It's a standard. Demand more from us, we use special anti-aging cream to moisten it, leaving your seats and leather simply younger. Your car deserves it!

Shiny Wheels Package

We take the wheels off and clean wheel bays to restore beautiful, all-new look to the brakes and visible parts of suspension. And yes, we make your rims and tires shiny.

I decided to give them a try, as their showroom is simply amazing. The T2S guys have shown to me a car, which was my brand and colour, but it never looked so good. It makes sense to give them a new car, they will improve it.

Mithra Zachariah / Mumbai

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uses in their detailing studios across India.

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Depending on what we do, we pick only the best machines and cosmetics up. We have no "cost reducing" policy whenever we decide what will touch your property, only quality and technology matters. We are exclusively representing ADBL.eu, European brand of professional car, jet and yacht cosmetics for the territory of India.

Sanjay Mittal industrial Co-op. Society Ltd, Building No 2, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059
+91 91433 91433

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